Refrigeration Rink Systems


Depending on your ice surface, different sized portable ice chiller systems pump glycol through piping mats laid beneath your skating surface. Regulating the ice temperature and enabling skating conditions up to 10°C!


We use nothing short of the best chillers and thick piping system to ensure a steady flow of glycol to the entire ice surface.

Pool to Rink Conversion


If you believe that you do not have the space for a rink in your backyard; chances are First Line Rinks can make it work. If you have an in ground swimming pool, First Line Rinks has your answer! By constructing an engineered subfloor over the pool, First Line provides its clients a safe and enjoyable winter season, maximizing your backyard all year round.

First Line RInks

Rink Rental


The First Line Rinks Rental service is made available on a weekly or monthly basis. This unique opportunity is open to all customers including large corporations, small businesses and residential home owners. 


First Line Rinks will provide the creation and maintenance of the rink while hosting a great customer experience through skating lessons, on ice games and events for people of all ages and skill levels.

Subfloor system

Sub Flooring


The first step in having a great backyard ice rink is a level surface.


If there is more than a 3” grade in your backyard, First Line Rinks builds an engineered subfloor system to ensure the highest quality ice surface.


First Line Rinks can install your rink in any location.

Ice Rink Service for Michael Budman in Forest Hill Toronto

24/7 Maintenance


Building your ice rink is a very difficult task.


First Line Rinks will install, maintain, dismantle and store your outdoor rink every year.


Our crew of professional ice masters guarantees your rink to have the best skating condition possible.

Pro Board Construction


Each Board is crafted to ensure that you receive the best quality possible. First Line does not take any short cuts as our boards are backed by a 5 year warranty and easily transported and assembled by our crew.


Constructed of pressure treated wood and 3/8″ thick acrylic facing, specially treated for UV protection and warping. All boards come with the required connection hardware.

Custom Freezing Process


Our ice is our pride. Your enjoyment is our success. Professionally groomed ice derived from the best in the NHL is what we base all our rinks off of. Created with a specific customized process, freezing layer by layer the First Line ice is generated to optimize your skating enjoyment.


Refrigeration Rink Systems have 2″ of solid ice, and Natural Rink Systems have 3-4″ weather dependant, and they are flooded to perfection.

Custom Rink Identity


Have your own logo or advertisement pasted anywhere on your boards. With a customized wrapped logo consisting of a thin professionally glued plastic wrap you can make the First Line Rink one to remember.


You can also create a logo under the ice. Simply give us the picture and leave it to us!